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Diving into Fibonacci Retracements – Part 3

By Olley / September 9, 2021

In this Part, I will show you how to set up your Fibonacci Retracement tool, how to customize and use it. I will then thoroughly explain some chart examples, what to look for, and how to apply other technical analysis concepts to retracements. This will help find areas of confluence that should give you an idea of how you can implement this into your own strategy to provide some extra edge.

Page 1:
-> Setting up & customizing your Fibonacci Retracement tool.

Page 2:
-> Example 1 is a simple bearish retracement & explanation.
-> Example 2 shows how you can look for a higher low after a break in a downtrend.
-> Example 3 shows how you can add an additional piece of confluence to your retracement.

Page 3:
-> Example 4, a thorough explanation on finding multiple parts of convergence with your retracements. By using additional indicators, and other time frames
-> Additional tips when placing a retracement.
-> Summary of Fibonacci retracements.

Setting up the Tool:

Firstly, to find the Fibonacci Retracement tool on TradingView, navigate to the drawing tools on the left side. Click on the third option down from the top.
Then select the ‘Fib Retracement’ tool.

Choose Fib Retracement

Next, you will want to set up your Retracement tool with the numbers I showed on the previous part, and any others you may want to add yourself.

To do this, you will need to place a retracement onto the chart anywhere, and then double click it once applied, or find it here by clicking on the Settings icon:

This toolbar gives you basic options such as changing the thickness of the lines, changing the colours, deleting it etc.

Customize your tool:

Here is what my Retracement tool’s menu looks like, feel free to use what I have or add/change the values and the colours on your own. I recommend using certain colours that you like to make your chart as personalised as possible, I find it makes charting easier when you are familiar with the style of your chart.

You can see I have some other Fibonacci numbers there, 0.886 & 0.236. Which I turn on and off depending on the scenario.
If you want all of your lines to be the same colour, then click on the “Use One Color” option to do so.

If you prefer you can also turn on a background colour to make your retracement tool stand out more.

Now, once you have finished setting your tool up, I highly recommend following this next step:

When you have entered all of your levels, colours etc, setting it up as a template is definitely a good idea in case you lose the edited version, or if it accidentally resets to the default. This way you can quickly turn on your pre-made Fibonacci retracement tool with no worries.

Click on your retracement, or find this option in the settings menu. Then select the “save drawing template as” option.

Then give it a name. This is an example of how you may want to set them up:

Add the Fib Retracement to your favourites, this will display it on a Favourites drawing toolbar. (See next image).
  1. Add to favourites, click or tap the star icon.
  2. Displays the favourite toolbar. You can toggle this on/off by selecting it.

This is what my Drawing Toolbar looks like. You can also add any other tools to this, completely up to you.

I like to have the tools on there that I always use for my technical analysis.

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