Mango Pick

Quick "Why?"

Ethereum (ETH)

Product Type: Distributed Application Platform (Blockchain)

Ticker: ETH

Vitalik Buterin brought smart contracts to life with Ethereum. And today we see countless of potential use-cases experimenting on the Ethereum blockchain. With promising scalability solutions underway along with a strong ecosystem, Ethereum's future looks bright.

Radix Global

Product Type: DLT

Ticker: tbd

Blockchain technology suffers heavily from lack of scalability. Radix brings us a 'radical' approach that will change the game. RadixDLT allows for extremely high throughput (250 million transactions in 4 days - proven!) along with rapid settlement.

Waves Platform

Product Type: Decentralized  Exchange

Ticker: WAVES

The Waves Platform offers us a sorely-needed decentralized exchange while allowing for large scale adoption & scalability. With Waves-NG and the sleek UI for the DEX around the corner, Waves sits confidently as our number 1 pick.


Product Type:  Anonymous Distributed E-Cash

Ticker: XZC

The demand for financial privacy is surging. However, research in pattern analysis & metadata has allowed bad-actors and officials to trace transactions effectively.  ZCoin offers true-untraceability by burning & minting instead of "mixing" (like other privacy coins). 


Product Type - Smart Digital Objects

Ticker: VEE

Internet Of Things will be propelled to the next level with the advent of blockchain technology – and BlockV is establishing itself as a pioneer in the space. With a working product and strong fundamentals, BlockV is an extremely underrated project with a bright future.

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