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 Mango Cryptocurrency Trends Dashboard

be the first to catch the market trend

The Mango Dashboard catches the trend for you. 

Catch major cryptocurrency trend trades on 268 pairs

Find the prevalent Trend on 268 different cryptocurrencies. 

Based on our trend trading algorithm, the dashboard will show "Long", "Short", or "Neutral" Signals to help guide traders on high-level market direction

Key cryptocurrency trend insights for each pair

The dashboard will provide traders with key insights on each cryptocurrency (Price, Volume, 24 Change) + Key Insights on the prevailing trend

This includes:

  • Trend Direction (Long, Short, Neutral)
  • Trend Reversal Date & Duration
  • Returns since date of reversal

Powerful filters for every type of trader

Filter the list of cryptocurrencies based on the following:

  • Filter by Trend - Long only, Short only
  • Filter by Market Pair - BTC market pairs, USDT market pairs, or both
  • Filter by Margin - Only show pairs that can be traded on margin 

Mango Trend Trading Dashboard

Make The Trend Your Friend.

27 Cryptocurrency Trends

272 Cryptocurrency Trends

Make The Trend Your Friend.

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