Don’t Sell Your Ether To Mr. Bob

By Shawn Dexter / January 16, 2018

With the markets taking a slump today, I’m getting a lot of questions from people asking, 
"Should I sell ?!?!"
"Has anything changed about your investment in the past few days" , I ask.
“Well, the price has changed", comes the retort.

Instead of facepalming, I tell them the following story (inspired by legendary Ben Graham )

 Mr. Bob Mania

Let’s say you trade items in real life. Specifically – you trade in laptops and cans of Pepsi.  (Bare with me...)
You usually trade these items with a guy named Bob  – Mr. Bob Mania.
The going rates?
Each laptop:  $1000
Each Pepsi Can:  $1
However, Bob has occasional bouts of manic syndrome. He either gets really excited or really depressed (or sometimes both).
One day, you go to Bob to sell a laptop and buy some Coca-Cola cans.
 Bob, however, is having a manic episode and says to you:

BobYea - I’ll buy the laptop off you for $20. And the Pepsi  is going to cost you $500 
You: What the hell?? Those weren’t the prices last week.
Bob:  Well, that’s what they are today – and if you don’t act fast, the laptop may sell for only $1 tomorrow. And the Pepsi can may cost you $1000”

What do you do? 

Option #1 - You quickly sell all your laptops and rush to buy all the Pepsi cans possible.
Option #2 -   You hold on to your laptop (perhaps even buy more) and quickly rush to sell all your Pepsi cans.

The obvious answer is Option #2. Why? Because you know the true worth of your laptop. And you know that the Pepsi can is completely overpriced.   Yet – so many of us pick the first option when dealing with the crypto market.

Bob – is the market. And we sell our laptops to him for $1. And buy Pepsi-cans from him at $1000 simply because Bob is in one of his moods. ​​​​Don’t let the market’s occasional state of manic episodes dictate the price of your investments. The smart investor will take advantage of Bob’s bout of mania – and not let Bob’s emotions dictate his financial future

TLDR Moral Of The Story?  Don't sell your ETH to Bob. And next time, sell that TRX at the godam top...

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