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How to use the Mango Dashboard – A Quick Guide!
This is a quick guide on the Mango Dashboard writen by Ajesh, a Seedling & an esteemed member of the[...]
Bybit Crypto Options Trading Tutorial 
Bitcoin Options Trading on BybitCrypto Options Trading has been unavailable to the mass public for a very long time. However,[...]
Invalidation & Confirmation
One of the strongest reasons to begin every trade idea with an invalidation criteria , is to ensure you don't[...]
Diving into Fibonacci Retracements – Part 3
In this Part, I will show you how to set up your Fibonacci Retracement tool, how to customize and use[...]
Using Fibonacci in Technical Analysis – Part 2
First of all, I would like to point out in this series I will be covering Fibonacci retracements and extensions[...]
What is Fibonacci? – Part 1
The Fibonacci Sequence, one of the most well-known formulas in mathematics, was invented by the Italian Leonardo Pisano Bigollo (or[...]
Position Sizing and Leverage Trading
TLDR: Your leverage (3x , 5x, or 10x) does not change your Position Size or Portfolio Size ever. Your leverage[...]
Gravestone Doji – Types of Doji Candlestick
A Gravestone Doji pattern is a particular type of Doji Candlestick Pattern that can be very powerful in detecting price[...]
Orion Protocol – Gateway to Everything Crypto
Orion Protocol is the first decentralized platform that will allow users to trade across both decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges[...]
Bitcoin Analysis. Short-Mid Term Price Action, Feb 2021.
Looking at this formation here with three potential scenarios. In my eyes, this is an ascending triangle breakout, the same[...]
The Radix Saga: Part 1
The Promise Of Possibility A Necessary Perfection Over the past year, the DeFi ecosystem has taken the crypto world by[...]
BTC Macro Price Analysis & Prediction 2020
Disclaimer: The ideas presented in this article should not be taken for investment advice, and are simply the views and opinions[...]
What is DeFi? & Difference Between DeFi vs CeFi
The DeFi Narrative Removing third parties is the core principle of cryptocurrency—with the community rallying behind slogans like "not your[...]
Binance Margin Trading – The 10 STEP Beginners Guide
In this Binance Margin Trading 10 Step Guide, Krisha goes over the following: Binance Margin Account Setup; Deposits & Withdrawals;[...]
Dragonfly Doji – Types of Doji Candlestick
Recall from our post on regular Doji candlesticks, the Open and Close price in a doji are the same. Suggesting[...]
Doji Candlestick – Types of Doji Candlestick Patterns
The first step toward becoming a professional technical trader, irrespective of market (cryptocurrency, forex, traditional etc), is to understand price[...]
What Is Counterparty Risk & How To Mitigate It
There’s been a lot of buzz around the most recent events surrounding QuadrigaCX.  For those of you who aren’t aware[...]
Double Spending Problem Explained Simply
The double-spending problem has been a conundrum in the digital-cash realm for decades. In fact, it was the double-spending problem[...]
Bitcoin Doubler Scam – You will NOT Double Your Bitcoin!
There seems to be a scam going around that is picking up popularity. It’s called “Bitcoin Doubler”. I would have[...]
Weekly Bitcoin & Ethereum Price Prediction & Analysis
Disclaimer: The ideas presented in this article should not be taken for investment advice, and are simply the views and opinions[...]
Constantinople & Reentrancy Attack Explained
In this post Shawn Dexter explains why the Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork was delayed. He states the reason for the[...]
Weekly Bitcoin Price Prediction & Analysis – January 2019
Disclaimer: The ideas presented in this article should not be taken for investment advice, and are simply the views and opinions[...]
Ethereum Roadmap Update [2019]: Casper & Sharding Release Date
In this post Shawn discusses the recent Ethereum Update in regard to their roadmap for Casper & Sharding. Casper FFG[...]
Bitcoin Price Prediction & Update 2019
Disclaimer: This ideas presented in this article should not be taken for investment advice, and are simply the views and opinions[...]
Ethereum Difficulty Bomb Explained Simply 2019
Ethereum's Difficulty Bomb is often misunderstood. Most explanations are convoluted and technical. This post is a simple & quick explanation[...]
Ethereum Price Update 2019
In this post Shawn provides us a brief overview on the Ethereum Price Update for the beginning of 2019. He[...]
Ethereum Update 2019: Constantinople Hard Fork
IntroductionIn a previous post we discussed the Ethereum Roadmap for the coming year. One of the key milestones on the[...]
The Animal Spirits in Crypto – Irrational Exuberance & Crypto Bubbles
Three times. Three times this week I was asked the following question: “Why are the prices still low when the[...]
Radix Coin – Relatively Stable, Infinitely Scalable
In this post Shawn breaks down the Radix Coin (RDX) as a stable and scalable cryptocurrency. He discusses Radixs' novel[...]
Ethereum Casper V2: Beacon Chain & Sharding Explained Simply
In this post Shawn breaks down the Ethereum Casper V2 update. He discusses ethereum's transition to Proof of Stake, and[...]
3 Reasons Why You’re Getting Wrecked In Crypto & How To Fix It
Why Am I Writing This? I usually refrain from posts like these. But recent discussions have made me wonder if[...]
Ethereum Difficulty Bomb & Inflation Rate Explained
In this post, Shawn explains the Ethereum Difficulty Bomb. The recent debate around the Ethereum Inflation rate has many people[...]
Ethereum Inflation Rate: Ether Issuance Debate 2018
In this post, Shawn provides a simple breakdown of the Ethereum Inflation & Issuance Debate. He explains the debate from the[...]
Bitcoin ETF Explained Simply – What Does This Mean For Bitcoin
There has been a lot of talk about Bitcoin ETFs recently - So let’s explore the basics of what a[...]
Bitcoin’s Arrival In The Institutional Market – What It Means In The Long Run
Ever since Bitcoin was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, it has largely been pushed aside by the traditional financial[...]
Gwei to Ether Conversion – Ethereum Units Explained
Constantly having to covert Gwei to Ether for transaction/gas fees can be frustrating. The irony is that “gwei’ and all[...]
RadixDLT Sharding Explained: Scalability Done Right
Shawn uses a simple analogy to explain the RadixDLT Sharding approach - A step towards scalability and mass adoption. (Note: I[...]
Blockchain Clearing And Settlement: Securities & Trades
Shawn uses a simple example to explain the concept of blockchain clearing and settlement. He also explains what is blockchain[...]
Settlement Finality in Blockchains: PoW vs PoS
In this post Shawn explains the concept of Settlement Finality in blockchains. He then goes over finality in proof of work[...]
Blockchain Types: Public vs Permissioned Blockchains
In this post, Krisha explains the 2 Types of Blockchains - Public vs Permissioned BlockchainsWe have witnessed the term “blockchain” evolve from[...]
Nothing At Stake Problem – A Forkin’ Mess!
​In this post Shawn explains the Nothing At Stake Problem simply. He goes over the nothing at stake definition, and also touches[...]
EIP-999 & Parity Drama Explained Simply
In this post Shawn explains the heated EIP-999 debate. He goes over how it happened and why the EIP-999 &[...]
An Orphaned Block – What happens to your transaction?!
Randy asked a great question in regard to The Longest Chain Rule & Forks. Over the last few posts, we’ve[...]
Longest Chain – How Are Blockchain Forks Resolved?
In the previous post I explained the Longest Chain Rule using an analogy. The analogy seemed to help several of[...]
Understanding Longest Chain – A Simple Analogy
One of the most popular Consensus Methods used today is Proof Of Work. As I write this post, Bitcoin and[...]
Radix DLT: Tempo’s Logical Clocks Explained Simply
In a previous post I discussed the various Consensus Methods - PoW, PoS, Tangle & Tempo.  Since then I’ve covered[...]
Is Proof Of Stake Less Resource Intensive Than PoW?
So, Mike – a Mango reader –  emailed me with this question a few days ago:​“ Hey Shawn, I enjoyed your[...]
What Is Blockchain Immutability? – A Secure Tamper Proof Database
Krisha breaks down the concept of blockchain immutability. In addition, she also explains the importance of a blockchain being tamper-proof[...]
What Exactly Is Ethereum Gas?
What Exactly Is Gas There seems to be a lot confusion & questions around Ethereum & Gas – and rightfully[...]
Cryptographic Puzzle – Understanding Proof of Work
In the previous post of this Proof Of Work series, we discussed how PoW is used to determine representation of[...]
Proof Of Work: Determining Majority “Power”
As discussed in a previous post, one of the primary goals for a Consensus Method is to facilitate “agreement” on[...]
How Are Blockchain Transactions Validated? Consensus VS Validation
In this post Shawn answers the question: How Are Blockchain Transactions Validated?  He also explains what is Blockchain Validator –[...]
Will Price Of Ethereum Drop when ETH Scales?
Will Scalability Suppress The Price Of Ethereum?In my previous posts, I discussed Ethereum Sharding & Scalability. Several of you have[...]
Blockchain Trilemma – The Village’s Impossible Trinity
Blockchain Scalability Trilemma - In the Village Analogy post, we ran through a scenario where the people of the village[...]
1% Shard Attack Explained – Ethereum Sharding (Contd..)
In a previous post I discuss why Ethereum prefers PoS over PoW to combat the 1% Shard Attack.  In this[...]
Blockchain Explained Simply – An Easy Analogy
In my previous post, I discussed the difference between blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology. If you haven’t read it[...]
Why PoS was Necessary for Ethereum’s Sharding
In a previous post, I provided a simple explanation on Ethereum’s Sharding. I also mentioned how Sharding was one of[...]
EOS Crypto – A Blockchain Operating System
Until recently, most blockchain implementations targeting cryptocurrencies have been using Proof of Work (POW) as a method of consensus. However,[...]
Blockchain vs DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology)
DLT vs Blockchain:  In this post Shawn uses a simple analogy to explain the difference between a blockchain and distributed[...]
Ethereum Sharding Explained Simply
Ethereum Sharding: The demand for scalability is becoming increasingly urgent. The Cryptokitties incident demonstrated how quickly the Ethereum network can[...]
Radix DLT – The Future Of Crypto?
Mango Research has repeatedly stated that 2018 will be the year of scalability and mass adoption. And Radix DLT seems[...]
Understanding Blockchain Tech – CAP Theorem
Blockchain technology has been around for a long time now.  It is a peer-peer, distributed and append-only database. In this[...]
5 Reasons To Consider High Performance Blockchain (HPB) For Your Portfolio
High Performance Blockchain (HPB) has been receiving a lot of buzz recently. People are hailing it as the “EOS of[...]
How To Stake Your WINGS Tokens
Mango Research will be looking into various coins/tokens that allows its holders to earn dividends/rewards by simply staking their coins,[...]
Don’t Sell Your Ether To Mr. Bob
With the markets taking a slump today, I’m getting a lot of questions from people asking, "Should I sell ?!?!""Has anything[...]
Consensus Methods – POW vs POS vs Tangle vs Tempo
Bitcoin and related blockchain technology (Ethereum, Ripple etc) have garnered a sudden surge of interest. But what really are the[...]
Why Atomic Swaps Are Important
Over the past year or so Atomic Swaps has emerged as the trending topic of choice for crypto enthusiasts. Atomic[...]
Waves Blockchain: Ahead of the Competition
The Waves Platform has been a silent giant for a while now. But in the past few months, this giant’s[...]