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Orion Protocol – Gateway to Everything Crypto

Orion Protocol is the first decentralized platform that will allow users to trade across both decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges and swap pools (including an NFT marketplace) within one decentralized platform.
Orion is providing a non-custodial gateway that bridges the gap between centralized and decentralized worlds, allowing users to access the entire digital asset market from one terminal.

ORN Token Details

Orion Token has some of the best token utilities you will find in the crypto space. Orion now has now 18+ revenue streams that will give ORN holders huge benefits (these are likely to continue growing over time as they expand across the crypto space as well).

The ORN Token itself is currently an ERC-20 token, but the team have stated they are also open to migrating over to a native token if they need it.

“At this time we do not plan to migrate, but we’re always considering ways to improve and evolve the platform… If reasons arise and we need to migrate, it can be done successfully without affecting Orion’s functionality and platform.”


Revenue Streams:
As shown in the image, all these revenue streams will drastically add to the validity and use case of the project long-term continuing to benefit ORN holders, through continuous revenue generation.

A few major Revenue Streams I would like to touch on quickly are Orion’s Liquidity Boost Plugin and the Orion DEX Kit.

Orion’s Liquidity Boost Plugin will give any exchange instant access to the liquidity and volume of all exchanges through the platform. Any exchanges that may be struggling with daily volume can choose to quickly plug into the liquidity of Orion’s platform benefiting both parties, but also ORN stakers/brokers.

Partner exchanges using Orion’s liquidity means more transactions with trading fees that then raises the total Daily Volume.

If you would like a visualization of the process, check out this infographic.

Orion’s DEX Kit will allow crypto projects to build decentralized exchanges, employing their own chain. Trades completed through the DEX Kit will result in general trading fees which build Daily Volume and Staking rewards.

Licensing fees charged for utilising the Orion DEX Kit will be paid in ORN directly bought through the platform, removing them from the supply. This is an amazing feature for any DEX as building a user base and growing liquidity can take time and be expensive, so this can put them ahead of competitors.

Holding ORN:

The ORN token is supply-capped at 100,000,000. But, the token supply is diminishing, this is for a few reasons:

  • Brokers will hold large amounts of the tokens and will be given rewards in ORN.
  • Stakers will lock their tokens away for great APY rewards paid in ORN.
  • All licensing fees will be paid in the token from Orion’s DeFi solutions.
  • The refund system (DYCO token sale) will reduce supply, as every ORN token refunded will be destroyed.

Orion has made an ecosystem where they incentivize the community to hold their ORN tokens, they have made it clear they want to continue to add more functionality and benefits improving the value for holders even further.

Discounted trading fees on the platform:
Save up to 20% on standard trading fees by paying with ORN.

Staking rewards:
ORN holders can earn more tokens by staking and receiving a % APY in return. There is now a staking calculator which can give you estimates on potential staking rewards: https://calc.orionprotocol.io/
I’ve also seen that there may be some future rewards for stakers/holders including NFTs or NFTVs (vouchers) through Boson Protocol.

“Brokers and Non-Broker Stakers can earn extra transaction fees by staking ORN – with chances increasing along with the size of their stake”

Priority access:
Holding ORN will unlock the ability to take part in new features, including first access to Orion Margin Trading and Orion Lending (likely coming in Q3).  

Advanced Features:
Unlocking of more premium services on the platform. Currently including advanced trading orders like controlling Take Profit and Stop Loss parameters.

dApp Marketplace Access:
Future dApps in the marketplace will be available for holders, including apps for trading bots, payment gateways, and investments. These services will be available through ORN as payment.

How does the platform work, what are the benefits?


Orion is an all-in-one platform where traders can access the liquidity of centralized and decentralized exchanges (DEX’s & CEX’s), and also swapping pools.

This will save time in ‘exchange-hopping’, and will ensure the best prices across all exchanges on what can be looked at as a crypto-wide order book:
Providing arbitrage opportunities across all exchanges, and also allowing you ‘whales’ out there to transact in large quantities without the associated risks of doing so on a single exchange.

Being a decentralized platform means that there is no KYC involved for users on Orion as it is a non-custodial platform. Orion uses a decentralized brokerage system (they do not hold any funds). Whereas brokers will hold funds and are KYC’d (the foundation for the entire platform).

Stakers and Brokers:

The decentralized brokerage uses a Delegated Proof of Broker (DPoB) model that is the underlying support for the Orion ecosystem, built up of Stakers and Brokers allowing the protocol to function using the ORN token.

Non-Broker Stakers will stake ORN to ‘vote’ for a broker based on their offerings in reward shares. This incentivises Brokers to make their rates appealing to collect more ORN which in turn will increase their chance of being chosen (as a competitive ranking system).

Stakers and Brokers are rewarded via transaction fees on the protocol. Staking rewards are generated through volume on the terminal, and from all the other DeFi products in the platform, so as transaction volume increases on the platform the rewards will as well.

What else can we see on the platform moving forward?

Orion’s Main Net Terminal is live 31st of March 2021. So you can go check out their platform for yourself and get a feel for what it’s like!

Connect your wallet up and start trading across their current major exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, Bitmax and many more.

Main Net Staking is in its final testing and will be live in Q2, where you can stake ORN and get Rewards. In the meantime check out their Staking Calculator I mentioned earlier to gauge your potential rewards.

Additional features to be added to the terminal later this year include lending, margin trading, leveraged ETFs, derivatives, contract trading, NFTs, and staking of any digital asset type”.


Most of these features will be coming in Q2 this year, the margin and lending later in Q3, with the official launch of the Liquidity boost plugin in Q4.

Orion will be launching the first NFT Aggregator that will include every major marketplace all available into the Orion terminal. If you want to stay up to date for when this is open make sure to sign up for their updates!


For Orion, building many Partnerships is vital for the Ecosystem and they have been growing rapidly over the past few months. To give you an idea, here are some of them: Binance Smart Chain, Elrond, Avalanche, Coti, KuCoin, Boson Protocol, Polkastarter and YFDai. These are only a few on a long list, and I expect Orion to continue growing this list over the coming months and for years to come.

If you would like to learn more about how their Partner Ecosystem works I would highly recommend checking out Orion’s Partners page, and if you still need more information have a read through this: Partners Explained.

To sum it all up

Orion Protocol is essentially a powerful all-in-one non-custodial decentralized platform that incentivizes users to hold ORN tokens due to the many Revenue Streams, benefitting holders in the long term.

It bridges the gap between DEX’s and CEX’s, users can take advantage of crypto-wide liquidity across all areas even including Swap Pools and NFT Marketplaces, while still allowing users to secure their own wallets.

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Bitcoin Analysis. Short-Mid Term Price Action, Feb 2021.

By Olley / February 16, 2021

Looking at this formation here with three potential scenarios. In my eyes, this is an ascending triangle breakout, the same one that Shawn and many other members in the Grove have posted about recently.

I am looking for upwards continuation based on other indicators all in agreement on multiple time frames (I am talking about the higher time frames like the 2D, 3D, 4D & Weekly here). Volatility has been really low on many time frames and is starting to expand now, which means we will probably see the resolution of this formation up or down in the next 1-3 days at most.

I have a target of at least 53k from the measured move of the formation, but I would aim for 58-60k based on other Fibonacci extension levels.

If BTC loses this blue horizontal zone between $48700-49000 I think a move to at least that rising trend line and likely back down to purple box ($46600-47000). BTC would probably continue some ranging between these zones.

Break below purple support box will change my bullish bias, to more medium-term ‘bearish’. But would look for the marked levels around ($43,000 – 44,000) to bounce, which would likely line up with the Daily 21EMA as well.


I also like to look for confluence with CMEs (BTC1!) which look a lot more like an ascending triangle than spot price action. (Chart below).
As long as it holds the 4hr 21EMA or Dynamic for that matter the trend is still up and I lean for continuation higher.

The Mango Dynamic on CMEs 4hr chart has been really accurate for the past couple of months, and this recently flipped green and is continuing to climb & use the blue dots as great opportunities alongside the 10SMA. I look at this as a way to determine the overall trend, as long as it keeps supporting price, naturally, it will continue higher.

  • I want to see momentum oscillators like RSI, Stochs & MACD all gaining positive momentum, start to get stronger as price moves higher.
  • A high volume node will be a useful indicator for confirmation as well.


Overall, this is looking like a bullish continuation formation, and we are highly likely going to see resolution very soon. I am leaning bullish from my own view of the indicators I see on the lower time frames, but also because the Weekly looks really strong. However, the support levels I have defined need to be held for this to happen.

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BTC Macro Price Analysis & Prediction 2020

By Olley / November 6, 2020

DisclaimerThe ideas presented in this article should not be taken for investment advice, and are simply the views and opinions of the authors. 

Watch Shawn's Original YouTube Analysis 

Quick Summary

We have started a new month! Bitcoin has closed a Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and today the Weekly. We will be covering higher/macro time frames, specifically the Monthly, 2M + 3M, with the Weekly being towards the end to cover more ‘immediate’ price action.

Monthly + Bi-Monthly

The Monthly close was very strong, with a close just above $13800.

BTC/USD chart 1-Month time frame

So the question is, what is likely to happen over the next month or two?

There are four major levels of Support & Resistance: 

  • $13900 as resistance, $12475 as a potential support level, and finally $11780 being the most important region of support.

$12475 is the August Monthly high, a level talked about on the daily videos as potentially being a strong support region. We need to keep in mind that if Bitcoin is very strong, which it is at the moment, it may result in BTC being bought up off of this level instead of any lower.

Bitcoin did not manage to clear the $13900 level on this candle, so just based on this it has not broken the Monthly or 2M resistance, YET. This may be an important piece of information for us all because it means that there is still a possibility that Bitcoin still may come down and retest lower levels (use a level as support). The first one being $12475, and the second $11780.

2 Month Chart:

2-Month timeframe

I personally really love this chart, as it clearly showed on September 1st that BTC broke out of its long term resistance, it also gave an area of support that was likely to be tested before moving up to $13900. Which it actually did perfectly. 

When I look at this chart, I cannot ignore the $11780 level as it has the potential for a retest. However as mentioned before, we should not forget about $12475 as BTC buyers may step in and defend this level (which will show strong confidence in market participants and a rejection of any price lower than this).

Summary & what to look for:

If Bitcoin does start to break down, the levels I outlined will be where I see it the most likely to bounce off of. But this doesn’t mean it will happen, so I am prepared for it to just continue higher from here as everyone else waits for lower prices. 

3 Month Chart:

Quarterly timeframe

This chart is what everyone should be watching for the end of this year, it is going to be the most telling in direction and will likely confirm the long term bull market if it closes above $13900-14000. This resistance is going to be key for the 3 Month close at the end of the year as well. This will mean that this consolidation since early 2018 will be resolved to the upside, breaking out of this massive ascending triangle pattern (could also be looked at as a bull flag/pennant).

The best-case scenario for Bitcoin long term is to see a convincing close above this level, similar to last cycle in late 2016, and then look for a possible retest for entries.

3 Month Summary & what to look for:

This huge ascending triangle has a horizontal resistance around $14,000. The 3M close will coincide with the 12M as well, and they both have that same key level. Any close above that is going to be extremely bullish. As mentioned, it will mean that the next market cycle phase is likely initiated with further continuation to the upside expected. 

Weekly Chart:

BTC/USD chart Weekly timeframe

The Weekly had another good close but only just closed underneath the $13900 Monthly level. To me, there are no signs of weakness yet. 

When looking at the weekly, the major area is the yellow box, a resistance zone that has held BTC down for almost 3 years. Bitcoin has now confirmed a second weekly candle above this, showing market acceptance. If you think about simple Support & Resistance, this area now has a possibility of being tested and is highly likely it provides strong support.  

The reduction in percentage ‘dumps’ from each test of this zone (talking about compared from the first times in early 2018 -> now) hints that the same 'big money/institutions' that were originally using this zone to get out of the market or for shorts are now not interested in it anymore. So just based on this, what is it telling us? Price acceptance, and a major change in market behavior.

Any sort of move down to the low $12,000s, in my opinion, is a gift (or the Monthly support levels talked about earlier), and shouldn’t be ignored - It is also a really easy area to risk manage from. If this zone is tested in the next few weeks I expect that the 10SMA & 21EMA will be creeping up towards the box too.

Weekly Summary & what to look for:

If Bitcoin manages to break above the 14k level, I am expecting this to continue up towards 14.8-15k (.706 Fib level & 4D resistance), if that is broken the next level is around 16K (weekly resistance & .786 Fib). 

If Bitcoin closes this Weekly underneath this level, and the following weeks also. I would then consider looking towards the mid 12,000s as they would be on the cards in my opinion. If there is any move down towards the levels mentioned (12k-12.4k) this would be a strong buying opportunity for me.

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