the mango Team.

Shamefully optimistic

Shawn Dexter

Lead "Explainer Of Things"

Shawn  is our lead technical analyst & researcher .  He was initially supposed to do his PhD in blockchain tech. But his journey to a self-studied MBA prompted him to skip his PhD too. Shawn now does independent research and teaches everything he learns to the Mango Community.

Krisha | KrashTalk

 Wearer Of Multiple Hats

Krisha is known as "Pattern Queen" to most, but is also  our lead communications & content guru.  She has a  BSc in Information Systems Management, and  studies all things pertaining to Macro Economics & Technical Analysis

Shawn Dexter 

Lead Researcher

Shawn  is a technical researcher & autodidact . His journey at SkipMBA  along with his MSc in Comp-Sci has provided him with a diverse knowledge-base.

Krisha Aranha -

Krisha | KrashTalk

Content Manager & UI Ninja

Krisha is the content manager and UI ninja at Mango. She has a  BSc in Information Systems Management, and is currently researching emerging blockchain tech, and its use cases.


Algo Trading Wizard

Moru is our lead Algo trading specialist. He specializes in  Quantitative Trading, Data Science, & Market Research.  His algo's help traders supercharge their trading