5 Reasons To Consider High Performance Blockchain (HPB) For Your Portfolio

By Shawn Dexter / February 2, 2018

High Performance Blockchain (HPB) has been receiving a lot of buzz recently. People are hailing it as the “EOS of China”. Several have asked me whether they should pull the trigger on this potential “hidden” gem.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider HPB For Your Portfolio

We're here to sift through tech worth looking into. Trade at your own risk and analysis. This is not investment advice etc.

Reason 1: Speed & Scalability with TOE

Mango Research firmly believes that 2018/19 will be the battle of scalability & mass adoption. However, the current throughput and latency of blockchain tech are insufficient to meet current business needs.  There is an urgent need for a solution. HPB has chosen an innovative approach to meet the needs of large enterprises. 

High Performance Blockchain (HPB) achieves high throughput and low latency.  They do so by combining hardware with with software – the first blockchain to do this. They achieve this with a dedicated custom network card - their TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE) - to work as a specialized accelerator. This network card will purportedly allow for the following:

  1. Millions of transactions per second
  2. Parallel processing tasks (as opposed  to serial processing)
  3. High concurrency & confirmation within seconds.
  4. Three Second Block Time

High Performance Blockchain can thus extend dApps to meet the high requirements of real-world business needs with ease.

Reason 2: Market Is Huge. Market Penetrability Is Easy

As mentioned in the previous section, 2018/2019 will be the year of mass adoption. Most of the current blockchain solutions scratch their head to solve their scalability issues. HPB, however, have a scalability solution already in the works. This allows them to approach enterprise clients immediately.

They have already positioned themselves to serve massive enterprises. Their whitepaper mentions the likes of Alibaba, Tencent & Baidu - all of who will benefit massively from blockchain technology & scalability that HPB seeks to provide them.

In fact, various other high throughput industries like the IoT Industry, Financial industry and Supply Chain industry will be able to leverage HPB to use blockchain technology to their advantage. HPB have already partnered with major companies like UnionPay to facilitate their foothold in these industries.

Furthermore, High Performance Blockchain will be interoperable with both the NEO Virtual Machine as well as the Ethereum Virtual Machine – allowing for even easier market penetration.

Reason 3: Partnerships & Core Team

It’s common knowledge that High Performance Blockchain is backed and partnered with NEO.  HPB will be using the NEO Virtual Machine – and will be the first blockchain to do so.

However, even more noteworthy is their partnership with UnionPay. UnionPay is the VISA of China  – but bigger.  UnionPay controls 80% of all of China’s banking transaction data. As mentioned in the previous section, HPB is perfectly suited to serve the financial industry.  This partnership will solidify their foothold in the industry.

CPChain and HPB have engaged in a strategic partnership – another worthwhile mention. CPChain  is a promising platform that is developing a distributed infrastructure for IoT devices.

The HBP team is stacked with expertise and excellence. The CEO  – Wang Xiao Ming – is an early blockchain enthusiast. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience – and has proved it by writing three books on blockchain technology and speaking at several events.

Wang has also formerly worked at UnionPay, while the rest of the team have been gathered from Intel and Huawei. Their background positions them perfectly to develop a  blockchain hardware accelerator such as TOE and penetrate the financial industry

Reason 4: Smart Contracts​​​​

While reading the whitepaper, I was pleasantly surprised with HPB’s plan for a sophisticated Smart Contract System.HBP will be developing a Smart Contract LifeCycle Management system. This SC LifeCycle Management system will allow for complete control and management of the submission, use and cancellation of the Smart Contracts.

Auditing & testing of the smart contracts will be done by combining audit automation tools, professional auditors, code review and integrated unit testing tools.

Note: HBP will be using Status Channels (off chain) to deploy smart contracts to further improve speed and reliability – while maintaining scalability.

Reason 5: This Idiot Is Shilling It...

I mean... Seriously?

As much as I’ve tried, there’s no denying it anymore – People like this guy, help build the initial momentum and awareness for gems like High Performance Blockchain.

But other than him, we have some respectable community influencers who rate HPB pretty well. It's evident that HPB has drawn the eyes of some influential community members. Strong tech coupled with a strong growing community usually result in rapid increase of price.  

Here are a couple of videos from worthy Crypto YouTuber's that I recommend you watch:


All in all, HPB is definitely worth some strong consideration.  The technology is still under the radar, and has a lot of upward potential. (Disclaimer) Mango Research Team has a put a small portion of their portfolio into this – but we expect this allocation to grow significantly in the months to come.

Special thanks to Ryan – from the Mango team for locating the gem =)

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