trading the stress-free way.

we're a community who learn together, trade together & kick-back together

we're a community who learn together, trade together & have fun together


Trade the stress free way 

Focused. Actionable. Stress Free

catch the big wins that everyone else misses!

Discover a trading methodology that gives you bigger wins while doing less.

More leisure time. Less screen time. Still profitable!

Trading strategies that were once complex, will now seem simple.

Unravel the complexity to uncover the profitability

Access to our BIGGEST EDGE! - The Mango Risk Management Strategy & Indicator.

The key to our biggest wins will be the key to yours!

Exclusive access to the Mango Seed Family.

Be part of an elite group of traders. Learn from the best - to be the best!

Access to private price analysis videos + fun, bonus live streams

The mango sEEDLINGS have spoken!


The Mango Seed Program is phenomenal!

The Mango Seed Program is phenomenal. Each lesson is carefully yet seamlessly explained, not in a complex or hard to understand manner, but rather, in a way that seems simple yet deeply profound.


I've grown incredibly since watching your videos. You're a breath of fresh air in this sometimes toxic crypto space

You've taught me a lot Shawn Dexter. From the Ichimoku to the importance of macro analysis on the larger time frames, to "trading the stress free way," I've grown incredibly since watching your videos.


The Mango Seed Program is the real edge

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you teaching us this. The mango seed program is the real edge. This is what you want. When you watch it and understand the benefits of it, you will see how incredible powerful this is

Leidulv V

I am growing now, since following the Seed Program, slowly though, but secure

I feel like you really give everything you know and believe. It shows. In the Seed especially, but also in your public daily updates. Highly appreciate! I used to follow various traders, but you and Krisha are the best! Most professional, assertive and honest.

Andrijana B

The Mango Seed Program is priceless sir. I swear.

I’m still at candle modules but I learned so much. The money that we are paying for the knowledge that we get from the program is nothing. the program is priceless sir. I swear.

Kyle M

You aren’t just route learning TA but gaining a holistic understanding of the market

Amazing program! Mango Seed walks you through trading from first principals - explaining trading philosophy all the way to integrated technical analysis.


Really enjoying the module on institutional investors and the paradox

Really enjoying the module on institutional investors and the paradox... I’ve always been curious about a few of the things you covered in that module. Some big fish out in the water for sure lol. Good stuff bro

D Morgan

You've really changed my life. I am going to be able to take care of my son for the rest of his life because of your efforts. I'm so appreciative.

I'm happy you let me in the group. I might have to watch the modules over and over but the mental stuff I'm getting. You've really changed my life. I am going to be able to take care of my son for the rest of his life because of your efforts. I'm so appreciative. I just wanted to tell you. Words really can't Express

Edward G

The Seed program has been great for setting up the right mindset and system so far. Definitely have a different view on how to approach the markets

Its good to have the tools and a community with similar goals as you to help guide you and contribute to the well of knowledge

Andrew X

I have learned so much, but it is only a small fraction of all the things i can learn still. It was definitely worth the investment.

I see the results not only in how I see things .. but also in my trading account value (haha). So again, thank you @PoRco1x , thank you KrashTalk and thank you everyone for what you have created here

Carlos R

Your videos are incredible and your TA is second to none. I love trading the Mango way!

I am learning so much in these chats, tricks of the trade, trading ideas etc. I have had a great few weeks of trading thanks to you guys. Paid for the course already and some. Thank you Mangoes.

Justin Warren

I can honestly say that being in this group has drastically changed how I'm taking trades

I can't say enough positive things about everyone in this group and the program. I'm so excited to be here and feel like this was the last part of the puzzle I needed to be able to make this come together for me





The Mango Dynamic is powerful indicator that keeps traders tight against the prevailing trend.

An easy to read indicator, that has proved its edge in times of bullish consolidations & trend reversals. 



The Mango Ribbon Indicator is a 7-in-1 convenience indicator that consists of  4EMAs, 2MAs & the Ichimoku Cloud adjusted to Mango's default settings.

A must have for anyone on a basic TradingView account



The Mango Trend Analysis Dashboard tracks macro trend changes on 272 pairs of cryptocurrencies.
The dashboard signals high profitability trend trading opportunities in Bull & Bear markets.

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Shawn Dexter

Lead "Explainer Of Things"

Shawn  is our lead technical analyst & researcher .  He was initially supposed to do his PhD in blockchain tech. But his journey to a self-studied MBA prompted him to skip his PhD too. Shawn now does independent research and teaches everything he learns to the Mango Community.

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